I make furniture that will pass down the generations in the most ecologically sensitive materials there are.

All my furniture is individually considered and professionally designed in the shape, style and size that you want.

My workshop is in Bishops Castle, a small market town surrounded by rich farm land and abundant woodland. Virtually all the timber I use comes from the local area, including some of the most beautiful timber in the world; yew, sycamore, cedar, walnut, oak and sweet chestnut. I often save particularly beautiful pieces of highly figured wood for pieces of furniture that will show it to its best advantage.

This website will show you a small selection of the furniture I have made. Every piece is a one off, designed and made in South Shropshire. This is not a catalogue. Your furniture will be made for you, for your home, from a design brief discussed in detail with you. Your choice may be to fine tune an existing design or it may be a completely new one-off creation.

E-mail or ring me to arrange an initial consultation from which I will draw a choice of priced designs with options.

Don’t forget – this is your furniture for your home.

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